Trade In - Trade Up

Many Nielsen Kellerman products (see list below) have a trade-in value. This means that regardless of age and condition, they can be taken in trade-in when ordering new products.

Run over your SpeedCoach with your car, gather up the pieces and send them to us, and we’ll apply a significant discount toward a replacement SpeedCoach.

If you wish to have the unit repaired, please visit our repair page.

These three rules apply to the Trade-In program:

  • The Trade-In credit must be applied to an item of the same product family with the same or higher value. Example: You have an older SpeedCoach (red). You can use this as a deposit for a SpeedCoach GPS.
  • Only one Trade-In can be granted for each purchased item.
  • The traded-in item must be sent to us first and will be disposed of by us.

This is how to proceed:

  • Sending in - Pack your article into a package and send it to us:
    4row GmbH & Co. KG, Mueggelseedamm 70, 12587 Berlin, Germany
  • Order - Order your items in our online shop and use "Prepayment" as payment method. In the next step you leave us the comment: "Trade In submitted - Name of sender".
  • Payment - With your order confirmation you will receive the payment order. You can arrange the payment immediately, then we do not lose any time in the processing. Simply pay the total amount minus the total trade-in value.
  • Processing by 4row - We will wait for your package and then proceed with your order. The trade-in amount will be deducted directly from the invoice.

Do you have any questions? Is the process not clear? Write us an e-mail or call us.


Product Trade-In Value
CoxVox (discontinued) € 55.00
CoxBox Mini € 55.00
CoxBox84 (metal can - discontinued) € 90.00
CoxBox08 (plastic can - discontinued) € 90.00
Mikrophone → Trade In toward New microphone only € 15.00
SpeedCoach PC Interface → Trade In toward new Interface or GPS € 15.00
StrokeCoach € 15.00
StrokeCoach with Surge € 35.00
SpeedCoach Red (discontinued) € 35.00
SpeedCoach Gold (discontinued) € 45.00
SpeedCoach XL1 (discontinued) € 55.00
SpeedCoach XL2 (discontinued) € 55.00
SpeedCoach XL3 (discontinued)
€ 70.00
SpeedCoach XL4 (discontinued) € 70.00
Speedcoach GPS / SUP Model 1 (discontinued) € 70.00
Speedcoach GPS Model 2 / SUP 2 / OC 2 € 70.00
Speedcoach GPS Model 1 mit HR / SUP Modell 1 with HR € 90.00
Speedcoach GPS Modell 2 / SUP 2 / OC 2 with Training Pack € 90.00
Cadence Rowing Watch (discontinued) € 15.00
Interval 2000 € 25.00
Interval XC 2000 Stop Watch € 25.00
Blue Ocean Megaphone € 90.00
Blue Ocean Battery → Trade In toward New Battery only € 15.00