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With our experienced partners and manufacturers oarsman and casual wear, we offer rowing clubs a wide selection. Equip your club with rowing apparel as well as casual wear: Unisuits, Rowing vests, hoodies, polo shirts, caps and much more!

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Currently we supply about 30 rowing clubs including events in Switzerland. In Europe we count about 35 clubs to our customers.

Club clothing design

Club apparel is always customized and the colors, logos, and other design elements of the rowing club are adopted for the apparel line. For this we rely on your input. Many clubs already provide us with sketches of their ideas, these sketches help us enormously to work out a design based on our clothing manufacturers.

But we are also able to take over already existing collections from other manufacturers, so that optically no or almost no differences are recognizable.

The process until the design is finalized usually takes a few weeks.

Graphics and design elements

For the elaboration and later processing of logos and other design elements, we rely on vectorized graphics. Vector graphics or vectorized images are resolution-independent images. They are suitable for reproduction and printing in any resolution. Often we are sent pure image files e.g. .jpg .gif or the like. These are pure image files (pixel files) and are unsuitable for printing. Vector graphics are usually saved in the file formats .eps .ai .pdf. For this, it is best to ask the creator of the graphics first. However, it is not enough to simply save an image file in a different file format.

Enclosed we have saved the logo so that one graphic has sharp edges and the other shows a pixel border. If you open your graphic and zoom in a lot, you can tell by the edge whether it is a vector graphic or a pixel graphic. With a single sculls you will not see any pixels even at 50x magnification.

If you have any questions about this, we will be happy to help you. It is also possible to have pixel graphics vectorized for you, but we have to charge for this depending on the complexity of the logo. Often the logos are already vectorized in the original version.

Printing methods

Printing methods also differ fundamentally. Depending on the garment, a different method is suitable. We will discuss the optimal finishing method for your collection individually and will be happy to advise you on this.

We have briefly explained the different printing methods here:

For colorful imprints. Sublimation printing has many advantages, especially for textile printing. For example, the imprint is not noticeable because the ink forms a chemical bond with the garment. There are no limits to creativity because all colors can be used with this form of printing. This means that motifs with more than three colors and color gradients can also be realized. In sublimation printing, a special ink is applied to coated printing paper. High heat and strong pressure then press the motif onto the garment. The garment must have a certain polyester content for sublimation printing to take effect.
Transfer printing
Transfer printing guarantees a long life. Garments can be printed in many ways, but it is here that quality plays an important role. Transfer printing delivers the best results and is suitable for motifs with a maximum of three colors. No color gradients are possible with transfer printing, which is why it is ideal for fonts, numbers and simple graphic objects. In transfer printing, the motif is applied to the substrate with the help of a thin film. This is done using a transfer press, which works with high pressure and heat. The carrier foil is then removed and the motif remains.
A process with tradition. Garments have been finished by embroidery since 1860, and even today this process can give textiles the finishing touch. Embroidery is particularly durable and ensures an individual look. The embroidery design is first digitized and then applied to the garment using a multi-head embroidery machine. You can choose from a variety of thread colors.

Order models

Not all orders are the same. You have the possibility to order all articles for the club in a collective order or to outsource the order of clothing to us. In this case, the club members can order directly in our online store and we ship and invoice the articles directly to the individual members. For larger clubs, 4row can even take care of the entire warehousing. Depending on the size of the club, we do not offer all order models.

We have briefly explained the different models here:

Club order

The club orders the clothing for the whole rowing club by mail.
Then the clothing is ordered from the suppliers.

The clothing is sent to the club in one or more packages after completion. The club takes care of the distribution and billing.

+ Discounts for large orders
- Large effort on the club side


Team login with order window

The club member orders the club collection directly in the protected online store of 4row. This is usually possible during a fixed period of 2 - 3 weeks per year.
After that, the clothing is ordered from the suppliers in the form of a collective order.

After completion, the clothes are sent directly to the club members and also invoiced directly by 4row.

+ Little effort for the club
- No discounts for larger orders


Team login with stock keeping

The club member orders the club collection directly in the protected online store of 4row. This is possible throughout the year.

We operate a club warehouse and can therefore offer most items directly from stock. Depending on demand, clothing items are reordered and then immediately sent to the club members and also invoiced directly by 4row.

+ Little effort for the club
+ Order possible at any time
- No discounts for larger orders

This type of distribution is only offered to larger clubs with prior agreement.

Minimum order quantities

However, custom club wear also involves some preparatory work for the manufacturer. For each new design, the appropriate steps must be prepared. This for example with the printing of the sublimation paper, here the colors must be matched. The corresponding fabric colors must be clamped in the cutting plotter and the correct program including the pattern must be entered. So that a reliable price quote is possible, there are desahlb minimum order quantities.

From 8 pieces - Sublimated rowing clothing

This information refers to the rowing clothing of 4row. The casual clothing can usually be offered from lower quantities. The number of pieces refers to one garment at a time. This e.g. the Unisuit. This can be ordered in different sizes and Ladies and Men cuts. So e.g. 2x S men / 3x M men / 1x XS ladies / 2x M ladies.

If the demand is lower, only the club order model can be used and the club would have to operate its own small warehouse.

Have we aroused your interest? We would be happy to advise you personally, please contact us by e-mail.

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