Augletics focus on the customer experience:

Karl Schulze - Double olympic Goldmedal winner
"Training on the AUGLETICS almost feels like being in the real boat."

Martina L. - Customer from Munich
"I usually activate the trainer, because nothing is better during a longer workout than keeping an eye on your technique. When you are in such a flow, it can be easy that you no longer pay attention to the technology, which then reminds me or shows me that everything is good, 100%. The AUGLETICS is really fun!"

Joachim R. - Customer from Berlin
"The Eight Style fits perfectly into my apartment and thanks to the practical folding mechanism, it doesn’t even take up much space. I exercise on the machine for 30-40 minutes two to three times a week. The training is just fun, I look forward to the rowing trip every day!"

The AUGLETICS Digital Coach

The heart of the AUGLETICS rowing machines is clearly the permanently installed display. It is your personal digital trainer. This will guide you through the training, you will be motivated and, thanks to the sensor-based feedback, you can even improve your rowing technique. With the City Maps you row with real fellow rowers through London, Berlin or Paris and immerse yourself in a virtual world. You will completely forget that you are currently doing one of the healthiest workouts, training your back and burning up to 900 kcal per hour (3768 kJ/h)! Click on “Learn more” below to read more about the four functions.

For more information, please refer directly to the manufacturer's page. 4row is your partner for AUGLETICS in Germany and the EU.

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